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Encino General Contractors Home Bathroom Kitchen Design Remodeling

Encino General Contractors Home Bathroom Kitchen Design RemodelingThe city of Encino is located in Los Angeles, California. More specifically, it is located in a central area of the San Fernando Valley on the northern slope of the Santa Monica Mountain range. Established in 1845, the city is named after a parcel of land that was presented by the Mexican government to three Mission Indians after the Mexican government’s secularization of the California missions. The city is known as being in a very hilly location, which affects the home building and design in the area as well as the overall price of the architecture process.

The geography of the city is very interesting. The city’s four natural borders are comprised of Tarzana on the western side, the Sepulveda Dam on the northern side, Sherman Oaks on the eastern side, and the Encino Reservoir on the southern boundary. As far as the city is concerned, statistics show that the population is just over 40,000 who have a median household income of a little over $75,000. The local economy is substantiated mainly by jobs in the health care industry, social services and professional industries like real estate and accounting. The home remodeling and design industry is typically booming as well, as the city possesses neighborhoods and homes that are very up to date and well taken care of, not to mention beautiful.

If people are looking for a general contractor in the area, Roger Perron Design and Construction is generally considered the finest in Encino. In addition to whole home remodeling, the company specializes in providing amazing kitchen and bathroom designs. A lot of people choose to have bathroom or kitchen remodels done first. This is because while the process is less difficult than a whole home remodel and much less expensive, these smaller remodels can still free up space and provide a new twist that is refreshing to the homeowner. The key to an excellent remodeling job is using only the highest quality materials. With over twenty-seven years in the business as a general contractor, Roger Perron knows how to use these materials and sculpt them into a beautiful design that you can’t get anywhere else.