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3 Health Tips to Stay Happy and Healthy at Home, from Roger Perron

homeowner tios from roger perronHello,

Here are three great health tips for increasing your health and happiness at this “stay at home” time.

1. Stay healthy with these key ingredients for success: Good nutrition, good sleep and regular exercise. Eat whole, natural foods like meats, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds and your other favorites.

Drink plenty of pure, filtered water. Get the right amount of sleep you need to feel rested and energetic. Include some regular stretching and physical movement into your days.

2. Reach out and stay in touch with those you care about over the phone, with email, or even by using a free video conferencing web site like skype.com or zoom.com.

Keep all of your regular contacts in the know about the good things you’re doing and keep yourself informed about their activities also.

3. Look with an eye to the future. This current scene will definitely pass! Set future goals for yourself and your endeavors. Start with deciding what you would like to accomplish by the end of the year.

One sure-fire way to achieve these goals is to write a program of steps that will propel you toward your targets.

Start working on your program and finish one step at a time — and then celebrate each step done with a small reward.  Give yourself an even bigger reward for the bigger accomplishments!

To your success,

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