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From Roger Perron: 4 Great Homeowner Tips for April

homeowner tipsHello,

It’s Summer in Springtime!

Now is the perfect time to get some springtime home maintenance projects done as the days are already growing hotter and hotter.

Here are some of our top homeowner tips to whip your home into great shape.

Prepare the air conditioner

The days are warming up, so prepare your A/C by inspecting the hose connections for any leaks and replace hoses as needed. Change the air filter and check the refrigerant levels. For an outside A/C, keep any plants or twigs a few feet away from the unit so they don’t clog it. This will ensure proper air flow.

Give the bathroom a new look

Your bathroom can be made to be even more enjoyable and functional by giving it a new appearance with some new items. Just by changing out a few things you can create dramatic results. Start out with some new towel racks, a new shower curtain, matching towels, a bath mat and drawer pulls. If it’s in your budget, you can also change out the faucet and shower head.

Keep the electric bill down by cleaning refrigerator coils

Your frig has coils on the back or bottom of it that act to conduct the hot air from inside the unit toward the outside. These need to be kept free from dust and dirt or they won’t perform their job well and will cause your refrigerator to work a lot harder. A brush will work to clean them off. Also, a hose attachment from a vacuum cleaner can do the job.

Wash windows and screens thoroughly

Use a store-bought or homemade window cleaner for this task. One homemade option you can use is a cup of water with a cup of rubbing alcohol and a bit of white vinegar. Use a soft, lint-free cloth to apply the solution to the windows. Dry them with a separate dry cloth.

It’s very beneficial to give the screens a good cleaning prior to keeping your windows open more often. Otherwise the wind may blow in dirt, pollen, mold or other allergens. Screens can be cleaned with a mild liquid soap. Air-dry them on a flat surface before putting them back.

Until next time,

Enjoy your home and stay healthy!

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