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From Roger Perron: May Homeowner Tips for Outdoor Spaces

homeowner tipsGreetings,

Here we are in May!  Right in the middle of spring and summer.  This is the very best time to get your outdoor spaces ready for the warm weather that’s coming.

Here are three tips to maintain and beautify the spaces outside your home to make them relaxation-ready, party-ready and just plain more enjoyable.

Beautify your lawn and plants

There’s nothing like a well-groomed green grass and nicely cared for flowers and plants. Just as soon as any rain has passed, make sure your sprinkler system is working well.

Keep your grass watered and mowed regularly. Check for any damaged grass or bare spots and use fertilizer as needed. Add some potted plants or even cactuses as these do well in the summer and are easy to maintain.

Install outdoor lighting and change bulbs as needed

Walkways and stairs should be well-lit at night. For some accent lighting, you can choose a group of trees or plants that will look artistic when lit up. It’s best to use low-voltage lighting to create a subtle effect. Check all outdoor light bulbs and replace them as needed. Wipe bulbs well to clean off any dirt and allow them to shine.

Check wood fences and gates

Take a close look at your fence pickets and wood gates. Over time, the wood can get warped, twisted or move out of place. A handyman with a cordless nail gun can quickly get fence supports back in place and repair any pickets and gates.

To maintain or refresh the wood, you can use sealants or water-repellent preservatives.  These are available at hardware or home improvement stores. Exterior stains can also be used to change the color of the wood.

To prevent wood from rotting, be sure to position sprinklers so they don’t wet the wood.

For any other woodwork such as decks or railings, reseal them every couple years to keep them in good shape and looking good.

Enjoy the great outdoors around your home!

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