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Los Angeles Home Remodeling: Architects and Contractors

los angeles home remodelingAre you a homeowner considering a remodel or addition to your home? Are you entertaining the possibility of building an entirely new home? In either case, you have some choices to make. The key one is whether to hire an architect separate from a contractor, or to combine the two by using a company that specializes in doing both.

Using a design-build contractor that combines both functions can save a property owner a lot of time, money and stress by having a single point of responsibility that’s accountable for the entire project. Here are some specific benefits:

• One entity, one contract, one seamless flow of work from the first spark of creative ideas through to drawings, construction and a completed project – standing as a beautiful reflection of the initial vision.

• The designer-builder model can save much money since a separate architect will not have to be paid to oversee the project once a week or do other project management functions. This “Overseer Fee” can be a substantial percentage of the contract price for the construction. In addition, the designer-builder creates a design from the beginning that will better stay within the remodeling budget.

• With a separate architect doing the designs, there’s more of a chance for change orders or upcharges due to incomplete or unclear drawings.

• The design-build method simplifies the entire process, since the drawings are done using an industry standard that communicates well to everyone in the field and the office. Any potential conflicts between a designer and contractor are prevented from the beginning by having them under the same management.

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