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Roger and Barbara Perron

Roger Perron Provides Accessory Dwelling Unit Design and Build Services

accessory dwelling unitDesign Build Contractor Roger Perron of Los Angeles has announced that his residential home design and construction company is now providing accessory dwelling unit (ADU) services to the greater Los Angeles area.

ADUs are also known as “granny flats” or “mother-in-law houses.”  These are becoming more and more popular and are dwellings that are either attached or detached from a main house and that exist on the same lot.

An ADU is a private home of its own and it can be a stand-alone structure like a backyard cottage, or a detached garage converted into a living space.  It may be built on top of an existing garage or become an attached addition to the side of a home.   It can have multiple purposes: one would be to create rental income; another use would be to provide a space for family members such as parents or kids.

Perron is currently making good use of his 25 years’ experience in home design and construction to build two ADU projects in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles: one in Encino and the other in North Hills, an area adjacent to Northridge.

The ADU project in Encino is the second remodeling project Perron has done for this client.  It consists of an existing accessory dwelling unit that was torn down to the studs by Perron in order to completely redesign and remodel it.  Tearing a structure down to the studs means to remove everything but the wooden pieces that make up the inner structure of the walls.

In this Encino ADU, what used to consist of one open room, a kitchen and a bathroom, was recreated to add a full bedroom, a kitchen pantry and a bar that extends from the kitchen to the outside area by the pool.  It’s been nicknamed, “The Pool House.”  The remodeling is being done by the parents who are redoing it for their daughter to live in.

In North Hills, Perron built a full ADU in the back yard of a daughter’s property for her parents to live in.  The parents have moved from Washington state to California to live with their daughter and her family.  They also plan to rent the ADU out for the Olympics when the event comes to Los Angeles.

The North Hills ADU is all new construction of 857 square feet. The open living space is a kitchen and living room.  The bedroom has a walk-in closet and the master bath has two sinks and a convenient seat in the shower.  This is an example of a backyard being transformed from patches of weeds into a top-of- the-line residence.

It is a frequent occurrence for Roger Perron’s homeowner customers to return to him for second and third projects.  Paula B. of Los Angeles, CA. says: “I’ve used Roger Perron for over 25 years for every single remodeling project I’ve done on my house. I think he walks on water. Roger is always on time, meticulous about detail, has a great design sense and is a pleasure to work with. Over the years he has completely remodeled my kitchen and den after a fire, redone my garage, turned an attic space into a lovely guest room, redone all my bathrooms, replaced my deck and bolted our house to its foundation.”

Whether a homeowner wants a new ADU designed and built, a full home remodel done, or a new home built from scratch, Roger Perron comes highly recommended as a good man for the job.  For more information on Roger Perron Design and Construction or to schedule a complimentary home design consultation, call (323) 664-7001, Ext. 1, or visit http://www.RogerPerron.com