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Roger and Barbara Perron


Frank & Val Herman Frank & Val Herman
10935 Nestle Avenue
Northridge, CA 91326

July 30, 1985

Dear Roger:

Just wanted you to know how pleased we both are with our new bathrooms. It’s such a joy to be able to take a shower without water being sprayed all over the floor and constantly looking at a gaping hole in the wall because of leaks.

The work crews that you employ are excellent, competent, and very friendly. Their workmanship and standard of completion is amazing in today’s quickie methods of doing things. Both Frank and I are still amazed that you stated you would completely tear out everything in both bathrooms and have two new rooms in five weeks. We thought that was impossible! Well, you did the impossible and our bathrooms are beautiful.

Our neighbor up the street had her bathroom redone, but she did all the contracting herself. Her one bathroom took 3 weeks longer than both of ours. The cost for her one room was about the same–but all the hassles she had–while we were able to sit back and relax and were fortunate to have you constantly call to make sure everything was going to plan, and that we were happy.

We are so proud of them both and it’s wonderful to have our friends and family see them looking so great. We sure praise your work, your care, and the good craftsmen you have working for you.

When we get ready to redo our kitchen, we will not hesitate to call you.

Again, thank you for everything.

Frank & Val Herman