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Roger and Barbara Perron


September 30, 2021

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Our remodeling journey began in January of 2020 using another designer and a contractor that she recommended. However, progress was very slow and by September we still had no firm design or contract. We remembered that a friend had used Roger Perron many years ago and decided to contact him. Within a few short weeks we had a design, a contract, and the work had started.

Roger listened to our ideas, incorporated them into the design, and was willing to make changes as the project progressed. An example of this close collaboration was the eating area which originally wasn’t integrated into the kitchen. With Roger’s help we came up with a very beautiful design which transformed that area. All new molding was installed, the entire house was painted, new flooring was installed throughout, three bathrooms were redone, the kitchen was significantly upgraded, and new cabinetry was added to the living room plus a hutch was built in the family room to create a butler’s pantry. Roger kept the project moving forward and immediately addressed small problems that arose. When the project was completed, he promised to have his foreman return to install towel bars that were delayed. Not only have the towel bars been addressed, he also had the painting contractor pay a return visit to do some touch up work.

All-in-all Roger’s crew and sub-contractors did a beautiful job and we’re very pleased with the results. Working with an experienced design-build contractor was very advantageous to us.

Sharon and David Wolf