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Roger and Barbara Perron

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December 9, 2011

Re: Thank you for making our home beautiful, Roger!

Dear Roger,

I waited to write you this letter until we had moved back in and put most things away. Your work, in all facets from design to execution to all the amazing details, was just phenomenal. We walk around our remodeled home now and marvel at how incredibly well it all came out, from the wonderful kitchen lighting to the wood and tile floors, to the prettiest granite I have ever seen, which you personally selected. The cabinetry in the kitchen is a modern miracle, and it is just so pleasant to deal with, every time we are cooking or simply passing through.

Considering that this all began with a plumbing mishap and resultant flood last April, you truly saved our home, and made it live again in a way it hasn’t since it was first built in 1964. As you know, our home is Mid-Century Modern architecture and the remodel had to be faithful to that design, as this period of California architecture has become quite popular in the 21st century. Your design did a fantastic job, even to your idea of carrying the ceiling wood beams all the way into the kitchen of what is now the Great Room. It is just seamless in every way and spectacularly well done, down to the tiniest details and professional workmanship.

Your team, including Mark and Orlando, are as conscientious and able in their work as is imaginable. It was a real pleasure to work with them, and also your painter, who just finished painting the outside fascia of our home—thank you for having him do it all at the same price as you had originally quoted for a touch-up in spots that were peeling. You have been very fair all along in your pricing and in discussing all the options at each stage; as you know, we had a limited budget over and above what I was able to obtain from our insurance company.

Lynn and I sit in the Great Room and look over the incredible wood floors, the wonderful granite with its marble-like qualities that you picked for the kitchen counters and island, and we have to pinch ourselves to realize that this is the same house in which we raised our now-grown children and have lived for 25 years, except for the time this year when we stayed at the hotel while you were busy transforming our home.

Roger, as a real estate litigator for going on 35 years, I have seen the worst of what contractors can do: you are the opposite side of the coin—the very best that contractors can do. You were clear, always organized, always available to us, and on top of all details at all times—I could not have asked for more.

Thank you for our beautiful new (old) home, Roger!


David S. White
David S. White & Associates