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Roger and Barbara Perron


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October 17, 1996

Dear Roger:

When we surveyed the more than $250,000 in damage to our home from the January 17 earthquake of 1995, both my wife and I felt devastated. Now, we look at a beautiful home, restored and improved by the careful and artful work of you and your crew. We gladly write this letter of recommendation because you completed a major project with such dependable professionalism you enabled me to collect on a bet among friends and colleagues! No one believed that you could do such a major amount of work in just five months’ time! No one believed that we would not have the usual horror stories of undependability, shoddy workmanship, missed appointments, late arrivals for meetings, and misuse of funds. On the contrary we found the following to be true:

  1. You stood by your work.
  2. You were always courteous and professional.
  3. In the rare instances when we wanted something changed or redone, you responded quickly and fairly.
  4. You assisted us in our discoveries of additional damage in helping the insurance company to understand the need for additional monies… and helped us get them in every instance.
  5. You were fair, reasonable and trustworthy. If you said you’d do it, you did it!
  6. You were neat! Workers cleaned up as they worked, enabling us to safely inspect the progress and work as it was being completed.
  7. You were fast… incredibly! When you said the floors were going in on Monday, they did! In fact, one suggestion we have for other clients is to really believe your start dates!
  8. You were knowledgeable, helped us to make good decisions within our budget.
  9. You were worth every penny and we recommend you with highest commendations and gratitude for a job superbly done.

Thank you for an outstanding and pleasurable experience in excellence!

Dr. George and Sandra Patterson